See what people have to say about Next Step Baltimore.

"We could have never moved without Next Step Baltimore’s kind, hard working  and sensitive team leading the way. We are grateful for their service and would highly recommend them to others."

– Barbara and Sam Himmelrich

“Sally McCabe helps people get out of paralysis in handling their personal affairs."

She really is a therapist as much as a personal organizer and moving manager. When a client of mine needed to sell his house, he and his wife were unable to tackle what needed to be done. They were overwhelmed so they called Next Step.

Not just a personal organizer, Sally helps people with their moves – from packing to unpacking. She knows what is valuable or not and where to sell or donate items. That’s why Sally helped my sister and me move my Dad several times in the latter years of his life. Sally’s work was really a benefit to my Dad who loved her and it took some of the burden off of us. She is kind, honest, funny, non-judgmental and very flexible.

Sally is literally helping people to move on to the next step in their lives.”

– Leslie Ries

“You made it possible for us to quickly empty the house of over 50 years of accumulated ‘treasures."

Believe me, even though my mother was dragging her heels about doing this clean-out, I had a lot of trepidation about attacking this project because I really didn’t have help to do it.

It would have taken me FOREVER to get the house emptied even with a few friends coming by every so often to help. So, for me, the cost of your services is money well spent.”

– Phyllis

“My brothers and I were not prepared to move Dad to Healthcare and we didn’t know where to begin."

You and your colleagues jumped right in with a plan and found solutions for everything! It made a difficult situation easier for me and gave all of us time to give Dad the attention and support he needed. At the end of the day, not only were we ALL smiling, we had the confidence in you and your company to “let go” and move on.

After Dad was situated I couldn’t wait for you to come to my home and organize me. It was long overdue… I can’t imagine a better or more efficient company than Next Step Baltimore!”

– Scott Matthai

“I couldn’t be heading off on holiday and then sabbatical if it weren’t for all you and your team have helped me do."

The move will be a joyous thing because of how well prepared you have made me.

Many, many thanks for your help, support, hard work and “can do” spirit. Our New Home is Splendid due to the magic you and all your crew brought to bear.”

– Whitty and Tom

“Thank you, thank you for all you did to make our move happen."

We realize it could not have been done without your supportive and patient leadership. Working with you was such a pleasure. We covered many different areas of organization and moving!

I hope all is going well for you during this beautiful fall and look forward to seeing you when you have a minute to catch up. Again, thank you for all you did.”

– Jean & George

"Sally and the team tackled our mess with grace and energy"

In circumstances where distribution of household possessions is part of the process of physically and emotionally dismantling your parent’s home, survivors quickly confront an overwhelming panoply of requirements that can dominate and sometimes overwhelm estate closure. Often one cannot appreciate the time and energy it takes to dismantle both parent’s lifetime, as well as the emotional toil encountered along the way. Whatever the circumstances may be, the quality, knowledge and care Next Step Baltimore takes in organizing and disbursing a life time of possessions by immediate family – whether by donation, auction, in home estate sale, or other means – is simply not easy. 

My brother and I inherited just about everything. When it came time to move, we needed help. Many friends recommended Sally and her team. Having a very large apartment that contained over 90 years of possessions from our parents, we could not face doing this alone.  Practical as well as family history considerations all of a sudden confronted us. The job was way too large and many of our parent’s possessions we did not want or need and we did not possess the information about what to do, nor time to do it. From the moment we spoke with Sally, the pressures abated. Sally and the team tackled our mess with grace and energy, sifting through and organizing and packing the good and with our approval, disposing of the remainder. Along the entire journey they brought good cheer and excitement to the process while also being most expeditious. They transformed what was thought an impossible mission into a much easier passage.

We knew what we wanted to dispose of, but didn’t know who might benefit from their future use. It takes time to prepare, box, record and securely transport items to various places (china, books, linen, clothing, etc.). Next Step Baltimore knew where things could go and took all the right steps to make that happen from boxing and packing to transporting. Once they had a good idea of the nature of the contents, they took on the job like it was their family. Sally and the team were a joy to work with and were most careful when it came to handling. We also had a lot of fun with all the people and all helped to make what was seen as a chore as easy as possible. We never could have done this without them. Not often does one find these characteristics associated with people that undertake this form of work, however with Next Step Baltimore, it is very much a part of their overall value. They are special people!

-Louis Hecht


“They were organized, communicative, punctual and thorough"

My family and I were going through a very challenging time with the recent passing of my beloved mom, but Next Step Baltimore helped us tremendously with the burden of finding a new home for much of the assets and effects within her house. They were organized, communicative, punctual and thorough and I extend much gratitude for all they had done to help us. I strongly suggest using their services if you are in a similar situation. 

-Rob Young


“Three cheers to Next Step Baltimore. You saved our sanity.”

When we moved our parents into Blakehurst, we were faced with sorting through over 60 years of furniture, files, clothes, and keepsakes.  What we didn’t expect was the amount of other STUFF that is accumulated. Next Step Baltimore came in and efficiently assessed our situation. Initially, they provided guidance on staging for the eventual sale. They looked at the house with a buyer’s eye and helped select furniture and fixtures that would present the house in its most positive light, even taking down curtains and finding replacement furniture to accentuate the home’s finest features.

The real work was cleaning out drawers, closets and the basement of everything from old filing systems, army gear, sports equipment, toys, and years of Christmas decorations. Next Step went into high gear and was able to determine what was treasure, and what was meant for consignment, Goodwill, Donation and the dump. I was particularly impressed with their insight into what items should go to which consignment houses, based on their respective specialties.

I highly recommend Next Step Baltimore. They took what was expected to be an emotional and cumbersome experience and executed it with care and efficiency. Everyone we dealt with from the project managers, to the sorters to the haulers were highly professional and trustworthy. 

Three cheers to Next Step Baltimore. You saved our sanity.

-Douglas W. Brinkley


“I am so glad I called and engaged Next Step.”

"Thank you to all the crew who worked so hard to help me with this move. I am so glad I called and engaged Next Step. It was a great experience all around."

-Judi Grewell


“All went smoothly and well”

"Thanks to you and your helpers for a thorough, careful and complete job. All went smoothly and well and we were appreciative of all your efforts and care. Our special thanks.

-Tom Waxter


“Thank you for making the move fun and joyful!"

-Melanie Constantino


“The move was flawless and what seemed insurmountable was executed with ease.”

"Words cannot express my gratitude for what you and your team did for me. The move was flawless and what seemed insurmountable was executed with ease. Everyone who participated in the move was first-class, professional and careful. As a result, everything arrived in good condition. From the original trip to view the items to the final nail placed in the wall, each segment of the move was carried out with precision.

My heartfelt appreciation for all you have done. Additionally, your kindness in gifting me with music was above and beyond. Thank you so much for everything you did. I highly recommend Next Step Baltimore for all your moving needs."

-Jeannie Lawrence


Three cheers for Sally and especially her wonderful staff!

We knew we faced a gargantuan task in moving out of our home of 43 years. My wife is both a pack-rat and a collector. Though she was anxious to move, she had problems parting with many of her prized possessions. A long talk with Sally gave us the confidence to proceed. Undaunted by the first endeavor of packing and sending away 43 cartons of books, she and her staff really want to work.

We must give strong accolades to her staff. Not only were they very hard working, they all had upbeat personalities which eased many of our frustrations. They were doubly challenged by our large collection of Asian antiques – many of which required separate and gentle packing.

My wife and I often struggled (read argued) over what to do, but Sally’s staff and our daughters would get together and find a good solution.

Amazing to both of us were the meticulously prepared inventory lists detailing the contents of each box and where it was to go. A good part of our collections had to go into storage. The lists (and photographs) will prove invaluable as we proceed with displaying many items.

Three cheers for Sally and especially her wonderful staff!

-Austin and Darlene George


“How do I thank you? Let me count the ways!”

“There is no way I could have survived - or even pulled off - my move from Ruxton to my magical country cottage without you! Thank you, Sally, and the Next Step team! I send my my best and my eternal admiration and appreciation.”

-Evelyn Zink


“I would highly recommend the Next Step Baltimore to assist any family with the difficult task for estate management services”

“ I had the opportunity to consult with Next Step Baltimore based on handling my parent’s estate. My contact with Sally McCabe began with a verbal consultation and review of our family plans. Upon establishing a meeting with Sally and her wonderful team at my parents residence we reviewed packing, shipping, and consignment requirements for four shipping locations. The Next Step team proceeded to pack and arrange shipping and consulted with me each step of the way. I would highly recommend Next Step Baltimore to assist any family with the difficult task for estate management services.”

-Peter Becker


“A terrific service!”
“ Thank you for your wonderful service! I couldn’t have made the move without the help of the Next Step team. A terrific service!”

-Ronnie Applebaum


“Everyone went above and beyond to help us.”
“Dear Next Step Baltimore Team- Thank you! Your team was truly so wonderful to work with. Everyone went above and beyond to help us. Thanks again for helping make our move a smooth transition.”



“Next Step movers helped me survive.”
“Moving can be an awful experience! But Next Step movers helped me survive. Their staff are lovely, caring people, and I especially appreciated their expertise in helping me unpack and then decorate my new apartment. Their help and thoughtful suggestions hanging my many pictures and art work was the finishing touch.  I moved on Saturday, and by Sunday everything was done and looked beautiful.”

-Patricia Owens


“… from the moment we talked to them, we could relax”
“As two only children, my husband and I inherited everything- the good, the bad and the ugly. We stashed things everywhere and when it came time to move, we needed help. So many friends recommended Sally and her crew and from the moment we talked to them, we could relax. I knew what I wanted to get rid of, but I didn’t know how to do it. NSB knew where things could go and the best part, they took them there! I also had a lot of fun with all the people who helped and they made a chore as easy as possible. We never could have done this without them and now we are happily settled in our new apartment.”

-Alex and Pokey Brown

“Sally was a lifesaver!”
“I can’t speak highly enough for Sally McCabe and Next Step Baltimore! Sally was a lifesaver! I can’t imagine how I could have managed moving without her cheerful, prompt, efficient and energetic help. She and her staff made sorting through a lifetime of accumulation and preparing to downsize almost fun! Sally is also a wealth of helpful information and advice related to all aspects of moving. She has my unqualified recommendation. I hope I don’t have to move again anytime soon, but when I do, Sally will be the first person I call on!”
-Jean Brune,
Head of School Emerita
Roland Park Country School


“Thank you for your quick response to our need”
Thank you so much for all your help getting us organized to move out of Mom’s apartment. I know we could not have gotten out of there by May 1st without your “jump start” and high speed organizing skills. Thank you for your quick response to our need. I will highly recommend your excellent company!

-Susie C.


“I promise she will save you hours and hours of stress and worry!”
First I used the expertise of Sally McCabe and Next Step Baltimore as we tackled emptying our home of 38 years and moving into the St. James Apartments. Sally was invaluable. Make an appointment with Sally and let her explain to you all the services her company provides – I promise she will save you hours and hours of stress and worry! She is HONEST and kind, and tailors her services to what you want. Oh yes – I have referred several friends to Sally and they all feel the same way about her that I do.

– Joanna


“They transformed an impossible mission into an archaeological adventure.”
There is no way we could have managed the move to our new home without the help of Sally McCabe and her wonderful team. Our basement was piled from floor to ceiling with unfinished art projects, furniture that could be carbon dated, discarded toys, outmoded athletic equipment, and plastic jungle gyms that had multiplied mysteriously in the dead of night. The chaos we had generated over the decades had reached Biblical proportions, and the visual and olfactory impact of this heap induced a dreadful form of paralysis that incapacitated our entire family.

Sally and her squadron not only flew into this mess, sifting through and organizing the good, the bad, and the rotten, they brought good cheer and excitement to the process. They transformed an impossible mission into an archeological adventure. And throughout the ordeal they were expeditious and upbeat.

No one should suffer the agonies of moving out of an old home without a Hercules who has the grit and the muscle to shovel out the worst of stables. The ancient hero has now met his match. We could not recommend Sally McCabe and Next Step more highly!

– Betsy and Chris


“My recommendation of Sally McCabe and Next Step Baltimore is unconditional.”
I hired Sally to empty my mother’s apartment after her death. I could see that there were many aspects to this process that would be very time consuming, complex, and difficult, especially since I lived three hours away. Not only did she expertly pack up the contents of the apartment which was cheaper than having the moving company do it, but she also worked with the movers to efficiently organize seven different destinations where my mother’s effects were to go. Her contacts in the community led her to collectors, charity shops, auctioneers, and book depots where she had articles assessed as to their value and sold when possible. When items could not be sold, she saw to it that I got receipts so that I could obtain a tax deduction. The apartment was left broom clean and all within a month’s time so that I didn’t have to pay any additional rent.

She provided a detailed list of how her time was spent at the end of her assignment, generously ignoring small blocks of time that were hard to calculate. For instance, she took things back and forth to dealers in an effort to see that everything possible was recycled in some way. Most importantly however, was her cheerful, reassuring manner that was very supportive during those difficult days. I always felt the job would be done on time and properly – and it was.

– Carol


“The service you provided was invaluable.”
"I wanted to thank each of you for doing such a wonderful job preparing my house for construction. The service you provided was invaluable. You not only saved my time and my back, but our new living quarters are surprisingly comfortable. In addition, I am delighted to have removed so many unneeded things from my home, and I appreciated your making the effort to donate what you could. I am eager to have you all back for the reverse move which, I hope, will be in Mid June."

– Kyle Legg


“We did not realize just how much it would take to get moved.”
Next Step Baltimore was a great asset helping Blanche and I with our move from Columbia to Baltimore. After so many years in our home, we knew it would take a lot of organizing to get out of the house and comfortably settled in our new home. We did not realize just how much it would take to get moved. However, you and your team made things go smoothly and cheerfully. We appreciate your taking care of everything that we needed from packing and unpacking, making arrangements to have unwanted items hauled away and facilitating the process of selling whatever you felt could be sold. All of the “i’s” were dotted and the “t’s” crossed. It made a situation we were not looking forward to (and very time consuming) considerably less painful.

The Next Step Baltimore team was informed, cooperative, careful, compassionate, full of suggestions and a pleasure to be around. We wish you continued success and are confident recommending you to anyone in need of organizing and downsizing services.

– Theo Rodgers


“I don’t know how we would have moved Mother without the caring and patient service provided by NSB…”
We planned to move Mother and she was not in agreement. We knew we were going to have to call in reinforcements! As our family approached the date of the move out/move in process, Mother’s anxiety mounted and her disposition soured. The kindness and patience of everyone at NSB helped ease this anxiety. Mother began to be engaged by about the second or third day of packing. Your team was patient, kind and gentle while getting the packing done. There was not a lot of outside chatter about their lives or the weather; they gave me space and silence as I moved through each room making tough decisions.

On the day of the move, the un-packers were nothing less than miraculous! I can still remember the sound of Mother’s voice when we walked in the apartment. She let out a gasp of relief and satisfaction. The apartment was so beautiful! The furniture and pictures were exactly where they were supposed to be and the knickknacks were put in their new spots with care and thoughtfulness.

I believe Mother was comfortable and felt very cared for during the move. Next Step Baltimore was an integral part of that. I don’t know how we would have moved Mother without the caring and patient service provided by NSB. By the way, she is happy and has been back to the house twice. She has thanked us more than once for moving her and I pass that thank you on to the staff at NSB. In addition, all of us are thrilled at the photo album – what a treasure ! Thank you so much.

I will be referring many a family to you!

Fondly, Robin


“exceptionally efficient, reliable and accessible”
The Next Step Baltimore team has been exceptionally efficient, reliable and accessible with the services they have provided for our clients. Our law firm handles the administration of estates which can be a very stressful and difficult time for loved ones. The Next Step team has handled the challenge of difficult transitions with professionalism and compassion. We highly recommend your company with great confidence.

– Frankel Sims Law


“I recommend them highly for their efficiency, care and honesty”
Next Step Baltimore packed us up with the utmost care, making sure to include us at every turn. I recommend them highly for their efficiency, care and honesty. If you are looking to refer anyone for similar services, it is without reservation that I put forth their name.

– Sofia White


“Highly recommended!”
 Next Step Baltimore did an excellent job of helping my mother deal with the emotional aspects of decluttering and of helping my sister and me manage her move from her house to an apartment in a retirement community, as well as handling the challenges of a move to a private room in an efficient, cost-effective way. Highly recommended!

– David Marcus


“calming and reassuring”
Without the help of Sally McCabe, my “Next Step” from civilian life to a retirement home would have been a confusing and troubling step. She knew the routine, the places to find used but quality furniture and the firms to deal with moving or discarding my many possessions. And she did so in a calming and reassuring way.

– Joe Sterne


“thanks for everything and congratulations”
Hope you are all well and enjoying a pleasant fall. We are slowly – very slowly – getting settled here (La Jolla, CA). Only 18 or so more boxes to go. Again, thanks for everything and congratulations on the “senior” prize from Baltimore Magazine.

– Renee and Arnie


“You have a great team of people who are very loyal.”
Thank you for doing an outstanding job with a very difficult move for me. You have a great team of people who are very loyal to you.

– Jeff Matthai


“You made the most difficult job of de-cluttering 42-years of junk seem totally normal and very stress-free.”
Please thank the crew for me. Never have I had a more fun time than I did with all of you. You made the most difficult job of de-cluttering 42-years of junk seem totally normal and very stress-free. Anytime you need a recommendation, please ask me.

– Dianne


“Your help in moving Bud and I was invaluable.”
The ordering of steps in the process helped keep me on track and “together,” and your knowledge of resources helped smooth the course. Thank you so much for your competence, energy and constant good humor!

– Adele and Bud


“You did this job quickly and conscientiously and I really appreciate everything you did”
You did this job quickly and conscientiously and I really appreciate everything you did. I have your card on file and will be in touch. Be well! You’re a delight!

– Ellen


“Thank you for these and numerous other acts of generosity and kindness”
I enjoy them every day. You have no idea…or maybe you do. Thank you for these and numerous other acts of generosity and kindness.

– Laura


“Many many thanks for all you did to make my move possible.”
What a pleasure you are to work with! It was the bright spot in a difficult move.

– Pat


“Perhaps our paths will cross again in the future.”
I really enjoyed getting to see you and your team in action the past few days. You are very talented in your work and have a wonderful way of taking the stress out of an overwhelming situation. I had a chance to check out the website and was very impressed with all of the services that you offer! Perhaps our paths will cross again in the future.

– Jamie Kassoff


“The services you supplied were a godsend…”
On behalf of my sister, Elaine, and myself I want to thank you and your staff for making a very difficult move so effortless. From the time we engaged your services through the final conclusion of the move, your professionalism was exemplary.

This was a very traumatic episode for my older sister, and the services you supplied were a godsend to us. After our initial meeting, you arranged for the mover, prepared a schematic plan for the placement of furniture in the new apartment, helped downsize her personal possessions, packed, unpacked, arranged for furniture to be sold or donated, supervised the placement of furniture in her new apartment and organized her closets and kitchen. In addition, you cleaned up her former apartment and even returned her TV box to Comcast.

The individuals who assisted in the move were kind, hard working, understanding and compassionate. I know I could not have done a fraction of the work you did collectively. This lifted a great weight from my shoulders. We cannot thank you enough for your efforts.

– Stanley J Goldberg


“Many, many thanks for your very efficient help.”
Many, many thanks for your very efficient help. It made a tremendous difference to have you and your colleagues help me settle in. I came back from Europe a few days ago to a lovely kitchen.

– Evelyne


“Outstanding, professional service.”
The Next Step Baltimore team saw us through a big move with kindness, patience, and expertise! Thank you!

– Tricia


“Were it not for you, I would still be in that basement!”
After 38 years in our “starter” home, my husband and I felt fairly well organized about moving to our new house. However, we greatly underestimated how much we were leaving behind. Special thanks to the Next Step Baltimore team, who worked with me to get the house cleared out and ready for sale. Were it not for them, I would still be in that basement!

– Leighton and Rex Wheeler


“Words can never express all the thanks for all your help.”
You are two special angels that came into our lives at a time we really needed to get the help. All the sorting, packing, getting the movers, and measuring the room were so helpful and I am grateful. But then, to have the room ready before my sister arrived was above and beyond. I would most assuredly recommend your business without hesitation. I appreciate everything.

– Diane Linton


“The Next Step Baltimore team was incredibly responsive, efficient and kind…”
The Next Step Baltimore team was incredibly responsive, efficient and kind during our recent, and very sudden need to downsize and move. They created a miracle for us; we simply could not have done it without their professional and caring support.

– Suzanne Eder