Next Step Baltimore is here to manage your move

From start to finish we coordinate, organize and handle any issues that arise; relieving much of the burden and stress of your move.  No two jobs are the same; we customize each project depending on your needs. Our well-trained team is equipped to handle all aspects of your project. We can and do:

·         Work closely with your Realtor

·         Prepare your floor plan

·         Schedule movers, hauler, auctioneers and other vendors

·         Provide an inventory list of items including photos - upon request

·         Pack fine art, antiques and everyday items

·         Pack items for consignment, donation or estate sale

·         Organize and distribute items going to family members

·         Prepare your new home

·         Unpack all items

·         Hang artwork

·         Organize everything just the way you like it

Next Step Baltimore looks forward to making your next step as seamless and stress free as possible.