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Would you like to work with a growing company? Next Step is looking for honest, careful, positive and dependable employees who are available part-time or on a per-project basis.

This could be the perfect solution for a stay- at-home mom whose kids are in school, someone who wants a career but has other commitments, or a recent college graduate in the midst of a job search looking for extra income with potential for advancement.

Apply below if you think your Next Step could be with us!

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Do you love to organize your cabinets and closets, enjoy finding new homes for items you no longer use, long to share your desire for clean garages, orderly drawers and optimized filing systems? If you have a passion for organized spaces Next Step is looking for you!

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Are you that person who can pack up a house quickly, safely and efficiently? Do your friends tell you that it looks like you’ve lived in your house for years and not weeks because you must unpack immediately and put everything in its place? Would you like to work for Next Step? We are looking for people with your skills!

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Inventory & Documentation

Do you have an attention to detail that borders on the obsessive, and a willingness to learn about people’s histories and interests? When Next Step helps our clients move, we inventory their possessions and photograph their room set-ups and displays so that we can recreate them in their new home. This is especially helpful for our older clients who are moving into a retirement community. We want to help them feel at home in their new surroundings, and having their things arranged like they were in the old house can help.

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