Where do you turn when you have a client whose home needs attention to get the best possible price?

Our experience in real estate gives us an understanding of what to highlight and what to minimize so prospective buyers can envision the home as “theirs.” Staging can often be accomplished with little more than de-cluttering and organizing. If more is needed, we consider this an investment in the sale of your client’s home and will advise accordingly.

Once the house is sold our assistance may still be needed. We can help with all aspects of a move for both buyers and sellers. At NSB we provide our clients with the resources necessary to make any move run smoothly so agents are confident of a successful transition from beginning to end of the sale.


If you have a client that needs to move on short notice we are here to make it happen. If you handle estates that require a lot of time or have no one available to sort, inventory, appraise and disperse the contents, we are here to do it all. If you represent someone who is moving to a retirement community after 40 years in their home, we can provide what they need to make it happen.

When a client’s collections, possessions and treasures take control of their lives, let us partner with you and lend a helping hand.

We have experience with unusual and difficult situations including separations, divorces, and estates. We will provide the necessary inventory and documentation needed even at short notice. We can consult with and advise families and relatives when they are a part of the situation.

Special Needs

Next Step Baltimore has worked with clients who have multiple challenges including stroke, blindness, physical and psychological difficulties. We also have experience assisting individuals with no immediate family or relatives. In some special needs situations, we work hand- in-hand with family and/or social workers to create and maintain an environment appropriate and suited to the client’s individual issues.