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It’s not just any old move, we know senior moves are different

Moving can be a stressful and emotion-filled time for everyone. For seniors, leaving a family home filled with many year's worth of memories, this process can be particularly difficult. Next Step Baltimore is experienced with working with seniors, as well as their families who may also be grieving. We take care of both the practical and symbolic aspects of the move. We honor the past while focusing on the positive things that come with their next step.


Let us free you of worries – pass over the TO-DO list

When it comes to the heavy lifting, leave the work and all details to us. Don’t let the moving minutia keep you up at night. We provide the information, look for solutions, and you make the decisions. We can let the doctors, banks, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, alarm company and mowing services know of your move. We can switch your cable and electric, and send moving cards to your family, friends and acquaintances, letting them know of your exciting new chapter. We can inventory your boxes going to storage and return cable boxes as well.


Welcome to your new home!

During the unpacking process, your comfort and pleasure is our driving goal. We’ll make your bed, put your books and curios back in the same order, and place clean linens in the bathroom. You’ll walk into your home, not just a house.


We’re here for you long after the move

Our clients know that with us, they have a friend for life. Whether it be switching out seasonal clothes, wrapping and mailing gifts, putting up holiday decorations or sending notes, we are there for any future needs.