Services Overview

Whether moving to a new home or simply downsizing and organizing your current home, there are so many details and so much to do! Let Next Step Baltimore manage the project, do the work, find solutions and help you get to the next step.

We offer the following services:

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We help smooth the transition to retirement living. You take care of the senior and we will prepare for, pack, set up and create their new home

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Estate Clearance

Give you the peace of mind to know your things are in good hands.



From start to finish we coordinate, organize and handle any issues that arise; relieving much of the burden and stress of your move.  

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Free yourself from the chaos!  We will clean and organize your closets, drawers, kitchen, attic, garage, storage lockers and more. We will create a plan that works for you.

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What’s worth keeping? What will fit into your new home? Culling through a lifetime’s accumulation is a challenge - let us do it with you. 


other services

If there’s a task you’ve been putting off, or something daunting coming up, call us. Let’s see how we can help!