WHY Next Step Baltimore?

Need help planning a move, trying to organize or facing downsizing after 40 years in your home? We know what it feels like to face these overwhelming tasks.

Just starting can be the biggest challenge. We’re here to help you take that first step …and the one after that. We know this is a process and 3-step program works every time. Since 2002, Next Step Baltimore has helped our clients find the way.

  • We pack for moves and then unpack and put everything in its place on the other end.
  • We pack for safety not speed.
  • We know what certain auction houses will take and get your things there.
  • We know what should go to donation and get them there, sometimes without any cost to you.
  • We are sensitive and compassionate as we help you make the next step.
  • We know how to stage a home for sale.


Before you take another step, contact us!