March Tip of the Month

Moving and downsizing can seem overwhelming. But hiring the right team to do the work and following a time-line and is the answer to a seamless and positive moving experience.  The best idea? Call Next Step Baltimore 410-207-4475!


  1. Start packing those things that are not used daily. Label the boxes and keep a Master Inventory List.
  2. Pack off-season clothing.
  3. Book lodging for your pets a few days around the move. Animals can sense the pending change and stress. If they are being moved via air, pack something with your scent on it to comfort them.
  4. Take care of yourself – when making your moving day to-do lists, include time for yourself over the next month or so. Enjoy a nap, take a run, have lunch with a friend, get a massage. Keep yourself happy during this transition. Best of all, call Next Step Baltimore to finish the job!


  1. Take photos of how your electronics are hooked up. 
  2. Keep packing.
  3. Overwhelmed? Call Next Step Baltimore!

Look for next month’s Tip of the Month for more…