February Tip of the Month

Moving and downsizing can seem overwhelming. But hiring the right team to help you do the work and following a time-line is the answer to a seamless and positive moving experience.  The best idea? Call Next Step Baltimore 410-207-4475.



  1. After considering all the estimates, pick a mover. Know the important questions to ask.
  2. Pick up supplies. Small boxes are most useful. Don’t forget fresh, clean newsprint (NOT newspaper), tape, bubble wrap, etc.
  3. Start shopping consignment items with consignment shops. You must send current photos. Responses are not immediate and it can often take a while to hear back from them. Also, most consignment shops take a 50% commission for selling your things. If needed, you will have the cost of transporting your things to the consignment shop.  Keep these thoughts in mind when considering consigning. Sometimes it makes more economic sense to donate rather than consign.
  4. If a consignment shop does accept your things, arrange for a mover to take them there.  Shops generally have their own mover, but it is not free. Compare prices.
  5. Take things to donation centers for receipts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
  6. Call Next Step Baltimore! We are pros and can get this done as quickly and efficiently.


  1. Notify the post office of your move. Also, notify other companies who will no longer be providing their services, such as your yard service, pool service, phone company, utilities, alarm company, etc. The US Postal Service has a Change of Address form at your local post office.
  2. Alert your insurance company of the exact date of your move and your new address for full insurance coverage on both ends of the move. Ask if they cover your things in transit.
  3. Talk to your electric, cable and other utilities and arrange dates to have them turned off at the old house and turned on at the new.
  4. Contact a crater to give an estimate to crate up your art.
  5. Get Help! Let Next Step Baltimore to take it from here! We can help with everything from selling unwanted items, having things shipped, creating a floorplan, to packing, unpacking and hanging the art work.

Continued next month…