January Tip of the Month

Moving and downsizing can seem overwhelming. But following a time-line and hiring the right team to do the work is the answer to a seamless and positive moving experience. 

EIGHT WEEKS OUT: Call your insurance company and ask if your belongings are covered in transit to your new home. Otherwise you may need to purchase insurance from your mover. 

Go to consignment stores to see what they are selling. If you are considering consigning some of your things, all items must be clean and in good repair.  Each store has its own personality for what they will take.  If your things don’t sell within the consignment period, most stores donate them unless you want to pay to haul them back to you. Remember that each store takes a percentage of the sale. 

Hire Next Step Baltimore to create a game plan and do the work necessary to insure a seamless move. 

Or you can do the following:

  1. Create a floorplan for your new home. Be sure to re-measure the new space as floorplans can change. Note where the outlets are, the direction the doors open, bulkheads, etc. Measure your furniture and determine if it can fit in the new space. This may take several tries before settling on a final plan. 
  2. Start determining what can be sold, donated or taken to trash.
  3. Get estimates from at least two moving companies. Be sure to ask how much insurance each company carries.  If you are moving across country, ask if they can transport your car. When it comes down to choosing, go with your gut.
  4. Take photos of your furniture and art work, especially the legs and frames.  While all moving company are required to carry insurance, it’s minimal. If a problem occurs, you will be glad to have current photos. 
  5. Remember, you can make this so much easier by calling Next Step Baltimore! We can do it all and provide invaluable information. 410-207-4475.


  1. Take photos of bookcases, china cabinet arrangements, lampshade and lamp combinations and anything else you might forget so that you can set things up on the other end.
  2. If you are moving out of town, start collecting your medical and dental records. Ask your health care professional recommendations in your new town.
  3. Continue to purge unwanted items. If you haven’t used an item in years, don’t waste time and money packing and moving it. Sell or donate instead. Be sure to get receipts for donated items and put them in a file.  Ask your accountant if you should have photos to go with the receipts.
  4. Call Next Step Baltimore! We’re here to help!

Look for next month’s Tip of the Month for more…