June Tip of the Month

What a time for celebrations! June is the perfect month for entertaining brides, mothers to be, graduates, and end of the school year pool parties. Leisurely picnics are in order for everyone, plus it isn’t too hot yet! The gardens look full and lush and the pollen is gone.  June nights are generally cooler – the air is like silk. The stars look like glittering diamonds and the full moon this month is called the Honey Moon.   No wonder there are so many June weddings! June beckons with promises of long walks, deep cool swimming pools and smoke rising from the grill. Think Grace Kelly and you’ve got the idea of June! It’s a wonderful month to be outside enjoying the beauty. However, if you are torn between all the great outdoors and the mess inside your house or garage, call Next Step Baltimore. We’ll tackle the indoors while you enjoy the beginning of summer.