What About My Papers? Advice from Sally

Organizing important papers can be vital for your families in the event of an accident or illness. It is important for families (or at least one person) to know where the safe deposit key is located, where the wills are kept, who has the insurance policies, the deeds and titles to houses and cars, etc. Equally as important is to update vital papers and documents from time to time.
You may want to consider giving the person who has access to your records a credit card with your account or even put them as a signatory on your checking account. If someone is hospitalized this can be critical.

Photographs, scrapbooks and VHS tapes
All of the above can be transferred to archival DVD’s. This will preserve the memories and history of your family. In addition, once done, you can have copies made for every member of your family so all can share. 

It is generally advisable to take some time to do some sorting first. We all have taken 20 pictures of the same beautiful ocean sunset on a trip or the lovely forest – some with the trees tops cut off and with family or friends who are blurred or partially cut out of the picture. Go through and pick out one of the beautiful vista pictures, the best of the people and get rid of the rest. 

People are extremely hesitant to get rid of the photo albums. However, in the world today, and certainly that of our children tomorrow, they are more likely to put in a DVD to see the history than to sort through old albums. And, archival DVD’s will preserve the photo or paper better over many years.

Help! I can’t find what I need when I want it! People aren’t responding to my emails! Why am I getting so much junk email?
1. Do NOT give out your e-mail address!!!!
2. Flag those e-mails that need action and delete all others
3. If you want to be seen, alert people on the subject line by starting with phrases such as “action required” or “needed today”. Add a verb to the subject line – for example, “Peter’s wedding” becomes Buy Peter’s wedding gift.

Organizing should make people’s lives easier – not more difficult. Be realistic about how much you want to accomplish and how long it will take. Once you get started your own systems will evolve. Stay open to being flexible because you WILL figure out the best way for you to keep clothes off the floor and crafts together in just one location. When you have a system that makes sense to you, and you begin to see what a difference it makes to your overall wellbeing – you will continue to follow and promote your program. You are going to feel accomplished when you can actually find that cinnamon instead of heading to the store for it one more time…