September Tip of the Month

September feels like the month of fresh beginnings. The weather is starting to break and children are back in session, rested from a play-filled summer. It’s possible that you’re spending more time in the car – driving carpool, dropping off and picking up from play practice, sports, choir practice, and play dates. With that in mind, why not start off the school year by organizing and tuning up your car. Collect all the trash, clean out the gunk, vacuum, wash and generally neaten up the space that carries you and your family about town. Then have the oil changed, the tire pressure checked, the brake pads replaced and treat your car to a once-over. After that, make a point to daily clean out the trash and extraneous items not needed in the car. Then, in the style of Marie Kondo, thank your car for keeping you and your family safe while you drive.