New Blog: Organizing for Travel

Organizing for travel can be challenging! While trying to get your hand lotion into 3 ounce bottles and keeping the luggage below 50 pounds, in the back of your mind you are worried the luggage will be lost…. But there are some tips that can help. First, pack what you think you will need – and then put half of it back – seriously. Pack clothes of colors that blend so you can mix and match. With a scarf or fun piece of jewelry you can dress up (or down) that simple black dress and it takes a lot less room than taking the 3 dresses you laid out to go. Same goes with pants and tops. You may be sick of the clothes by the time you get home but it makes the travel easy. Be sure any valuable items you take are insured and take a picture of each with your smart phone. Also, take a picture the label on any medications as well. This will simplify the process if your luggage is lost…Most people carry their smart phones on them so you will have a record of your loss readily available. SAFE TRAVELS!!!