March Tip of the Month

Consider the following dates, just in March alone, dedicated to getting your act together! First, there’s the National Organize Your Home Office Day (2nd Tuesday of the month) – a date meant to spur you into action so you can actually find your home office again. 
But why, one wonders, have just one day when an entire week could be spent in the pursuit of organizing! Consider the National Clean Out Your Closet Week (3rd week of March) or the National Clutter Awareness Week (4th Week). I suppose the National Clutter Awareness Week is the fourth week of the month because you are overwhelmed by what you’ve might have been tackling on the 3rd week of the month.  
But if you are like most of us, participating in Procrastination Week: (2nd week of month) ensures that we never address the 3rd or 4thnational awareness weeks of March and instead go outside and enjoy some spring-like weather. If that is the case, call us! We’ll take on the challenges of closets, clutters and procrastination.