Heirlooms, Cash & Roadkill

One of the many benefits of using Next Step Baltimore is the ability of clients or family members to come back to Sally and her team to help them find out where things have ended up after a move. She can tell them if an item was sold, donated, put into storage, or was moved to the new residence.
Cataloguing a client’s possessions is an important part of Next Step’s job. Sometimes people don’t know what they have, or what their parents might have left behind. Organizing an attic or garage, or packing for a move can become both scavenger and treasure hunt. Sally has found some amazing things over the years; from stock certificates and envelopes of cash, to sports memorabilia and lost heirlooms.

“In the home of one owner, who had worked for the Orioles for over 30 years, we found two World Series rings from the team and a hand-written review of Cal Ripkin from his first year with the Orioles, describing his talent and where he might fit in.”

When clearing out another house, Sally discovered stock certificates for Coke that had been folded into an old book and probably not opened for 40 years. One time she was asked to clear out a bureau filled with bank envelopes – all containing multiple hundred-dollar bills. When she gave them to the owner saying she didn’t think they should be packed in the boxes, he handed her a $100.00 bill thanking her for her honesty. “I handed it back and said we are paid to do our job and honesty is an integral part of how we operate,” says Sally.

Some of the more interesting things Next Step has uncovered:

• A long lost heirloom watch
• A small hand gun in a very old ladies sewing box
• “Road kill” in the freezer of a woman who was a naturalist (they aren’t sure what she was going to do with it all)
• A collection of Oriental snuff boxes
• A collection of ladies under garments since about 1820 (These were mostly from her family.)