Doing What it Takes

The social working consciousness of Sally McCabe likes to solve problems for people. Much of the time this consists of helping people sort through their lives: organizing objects, papers, services – whatever it takes to help them move from one place to another, whether it is physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Recently she tackled a project of a different kind. One of her older clients had passed away, and along with sorting out her things and helping the family clear out the house, Sally had the woman’s three dogs to deal with. The son, who was teaching at the American University in Beirut, wanted to have his mother’s dogs. But he had no idea how to accomplish this.

That’s when Sally took over. Pet immigration rules are specific to each country worldwide, and pet owners need to be familiar with these rules before traveling to avoid pet quarantine in some countries. Pet owners, or in this case, Sally, need to create a pet passport, which is a collection of all identifying and required documents for entering a given country.

She kept the dogs in her own home for three months while she researched and completed the process of sending pets overseas. Dogs and owner were happily reunited in Beirut, and Sally had the satisfaction of knowing she had made the lives of one family that much easier in a difficult situation.