Baltimore’s Best Nomination…

Two months ago I received a very unexpected phone call – the Editor of Baltimore Magazine was calling to inform me that my company, Next Step Baltimore, had been nominated as the “best senior move management company” in Baltimore! Prior to this year, Baltimore Magazine did not even have this category, so I was surprised and thrilled to be considered. As I gathered my composure, the editor asked me a series of questions and for a list of references before hanging up. I was told that I would hear the results sometime in early July…

The nomination got me thinking about how Next Step Baltimore started. As many of you know, I founded NSB almost fifteen years ago. At the time, this was a very new kind of venture. There were virtually no companies in the Baltimore area involved in senior move management, but there was a growing need. In founding NSB, I was able to combine the business and negotiating skills I had learned from commercial real estate with my strong organizational skills, along with the compassion, ethical standards, and plain hard work that every senior move manager needs. We have helped hundreds of clients over the past fifteen years, and in the process we have learned, adapted, and grown, both as individuals and as a company. We have come such a long way – from operating out of my dining room to being nominated the “Best in Baltimore!”

Because this is a new category, some of you may be wondering what we actually do as senior move managers? As seniors face the prospect of leaving a family home filled with memories and cherished possessions, they can quickly become overwhelmed. The first questions they ask are almost always, “Where do I begin? How am I going to fit everything I love?” This is where a senior move manager comes in. We look at the pending transition through our clients’ eyes so we can put together a plan just for them, tailoring it according to their needs and wants. We provide them with the information they need to make informed decisions, along with manpower, levity, and old-fashioned common sense! This enables them to take the next step with confidence.

We encourage our clients to leave the details to us. One elderly client had two small dogs she could no longer keep, but her son (in Beirut) wanted them. So “Ziggy” and “Rasta” lived with my family for three months as I coordinated plane reservations, veterinarian trips, and visits to the Embassy in D.C. Needless to say, they arrived in Beirut happy and tails wagging. When we tell our clients to leave the “worry” to us, we really mean it!

Another client, Mrs. Virginia Stuelpnagel, moved recently and wrote, “It was a shock to realize that we had sold our five-bedroom house, and I was moving to a two-bedroom apartment! Fortunately, I heard of Sally McCabe from a number of happy clients and she saved my sanity. Next Step Baltimore with Sally is downsizing made easy… Sally was able to help me donate items that were no longer needed, sell some things my family could not use, and make a floor plan for the apartment!  She was there on moving day to help with everything, including lunch! I could not have done it without her and we finished the job as good friends.”

Another dear client writes: “Sally was recommended to me by a number of friends. It was quite a complicated move but Sally and her crew were up to the job!  Since moving, Sally has continued to help me with various jobs over the years. She is always there when you need her!”

So the happy ending to the call from Baltimore Magazine is… we wonNext Step Baltimore has officially been named “Baltimore’s Best Senior Move Management Company!” So thank you to all who have become friends and passed our name on to others! We wouldn’t be here without you. Everyone at Next Step Baltimore is grateful for your confidence and trust.

As we look forward to the next fifteen years, we invite you to call often – even if only for a bagel and coffee!