April Tip of the Month

Although there might still be cooler nights, the days are getting longer and warmer – so now’s the time to prepare the house for a new season.
Back in the day, houses were organized, scrubbed and cleaned within an inch of their lives because spring cleaning was serious business. These days it’s more practical to settle for a lick and a promise! And today’s labor-saving words are VACUUMS and WASHING MACHINES!
Naturally, the first thing to do is hook yourself up with some fun, peppy, danceable music. Then go to town vacuuming the curtains, floorboards, the mattresses, all upholstered pieces, even the dog! Take a swipe underneath the furniture, the back of the refrigerator and up in the corners of each room.
Next, gear up the washing machine. Wash the slipcovers! Wash the bedding! Wash the pool towels! Wash your polar fleeces and store them for next fall. Put away those flannel sheets and pull out the soft cotton summer bedding. Wash your sweaters (on delicate, of course) – in fact, wash everything!
Now – your house is clean and organized! Not really, but at least you’ll be making a start and still have time to enjoy one of our region’ s great offerings – the steeplechase races. So instead of cleaning and organizing every Saturday, head out to the countryside and enjoy a picnic, the races and warm spring weather. After all, April in Maryland only comes around once a year.