October Tip of the Month


October is a busy month. I have a firefighter friend who insists that we have the chimney inspected yearly – he’s been to too many chimney fires. So, in comes the chimney sweep and out goes the built-up soot.  Which reminds me that the furnace needs to be inspected before we turn it on for the winter. So, I arrange for that visit while I’m at it. 

Then I look outside! The leaves need raking, the yard needs organizing and although many like to rake leaves (why, I don’t know), we personally mow them to bits, creating nutritious mulch for the lawn as the temperatures start to cool. The garden seems its most glorious – we hate saying goodbye to the gorgeous geraniums – they’re trying so hard – so we lug them indoors and winter them over beside a sunny window. But we are busy as beavers clearing out the dead tomato plants and other yard debris, fertilizing the yard, cleaning the windows and inspecting the screens before putting them away for the winter. Of course, the porch furniture needs a good once-over and reconditioning before it heads to its winter home (the garage or barn). And the gutters need cleaning! How about the spring bulbs!  They have to go in the ground now! The list of to-dos seems never ending but then one day, when our home is cozy and a cherry fire burns in the fireplace and the yard is trim and tidy, we can relax and pull out that pile of books we’ve been considering but been too busy to read. Then we can pour a hot drink, admire our handiwork and know that, at least in our part of the world, all is right.